step 1

Learn how DUANG AI can boost your daily productivity

step 2

3 ways to open the sidebar

Go to any webpage and select one of them

Open: Press Shift+Q (press the sidebar again)

step 3


Select any text on any web page

step 4

Switch your AI provider

Open the sidebar

Step 1: Open the sidebar and click on the AI model icon

Step 2: Select the AI model according to your needs and click the left mouse button to confirm the selection

step 5

Favorite URLs

Click on the extension of the browser itself, the DUANG AI icon appears, and click on the ban icon

Click the icon, select the folder, and click OK to confirm the collection

step 6


Select the content that you think is suitable for prompt words on any page, right-click the mouse, and select 'Prompt Word Collector

Name and categorize as needed